Birthday festivities! Ocean Cube Experience & Dinner!

Art Exhibit: Ocean Cube

Hey guys!

On my birthday I went to the ocean cube exhibit with my younger brother! This exhibit was entirely made out of recycled plastic from the ocean!! It was amazing to see what they had created into art from plastic and metal scraps found in the ocean. There were 6 small rooms to explore & discover!

Each room had its own vibe, with distinctive lighting, use of space, and its own concept! It was awesome to see how scrap metal was welded together to create the whale as pictured above! I am an art lover and creative! I can only imagine how much time and dedication went into creating this art exhibit!

If you are in the New York City area this is a great place to visit, explore and photograph! The exhibit is located on 60 Grand Street, near Soho! It’s a 15-20 minute art exhibit and they are currently having a promotion of 25% off! This exhibit will be offering a promo code through October 23rd! Feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions!

Link below!

Use promo code: SEP


For dinner I went to the Ainsworth restaurant located in midtown! I had the Mac & Cheese burger as pictured above! This burger was MASSIVE!! It was gushing with fresh Mac & Cheese! The inside of the burger had a huge beef patty and a fried Mac & Cheese patty! This was the perfect combination of texture, flavor and cheese goodness! The fries were a combination of flaky & crispy, which went really well with the burger! If you visit the restaurant, make sure to order different dipping sauces! The ranch and bbq sauce were so original and tasteful!!

Overall, I would rate the meal an 8 because it was hugeeeee and I was extremely stuffed. The patty could of been a little more juicy! However, this was an amazing dish to try out!

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