Birthday preparations! #Libragang


Unfortunately, on my birthday New York City was experiencing a cold and rainy day! I started my day with a lash appointment, followed up with a nail appointment and then a city adventure! I had to adjust my outfit to the weather and comfort for my long day. I decided to wear all black and all silver accessories because I wanted all things to sparkle on my birthday✨. It was a gloomy day and I made the best of it! I visited an art exhibit made from recycled plastic & metal, and had dinner at the Ainsworth! Check out my next blog post for all the details!

Outfit details!

Leotard & Earrings: Forever 21

Black jeans: Zara

Belt: Necessary clothing

Bag: It’s from a small boutique in Miami, message me for info on where to get one similar!


By @lenizas.lashes on ig

Check out her Instagram page for more looks!

Booking site! Book sooner than later she’s always booked!!:

I usually go for classic and natural lash looks but not for my birthday!! I chose a more dramatic look and went for the Butterfly Effect style! I am currently obsessed with my lashes! Leniza is very patient and attentive to your lash needs! She is available mostly on weekends and offers very affordable lash looks! However, watch out Leniza is usually booked for weeks in advance so you know it’s real! I already have my next lash appointment booked! So book yours as soon as possible, if interested!


I was so undecided about what to do on my nails but I love sparkles! I went with a simple pink nail with sparkles and white stars! These are my natural nails done with powder and gel on top!

I always go to the same nail tech being that I have very weak nails that can not withstand acrylic tips. I grow out my own natural nails and only do powder dip gel! Using powder dip gel last me 3-4 weeks and I always wait to soak off! This method has given me amazing results with out damaging my natural nails!

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