Rosé Mansion

Welcome back!

I attended the rosé mansion this past summer with my mother! She bought these tickets for me as a get well gift after I had my tonsils removed this past July. I had such an amazing time and was able to sample different types of rosé as well as learn how it’s made! There were a series of different rooms and exhibit displays. I was able to capture amazing pictures while spending quality time with my amazing mother!

I wore a yellow dress with an open back from a small boutique near me on Graham Avenue. This is my emergency go to spot, called Glam 86! They are open 6 days a week till 7pm. My sandals are from Urban Outfitters, they make any simple outfit stand out!

I recommend this exhibition to anyone that is adventurous and loves the good things in life! This exhibit is located near the Manhattan mall on 34th street, and is 21+!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Love Always!

Amber Alicea

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