NOON BY NOOR was the last fashion show I attended thank you to and @sy.wendy. They are both fashion bloggers with busy schedules, feel free to check out their Instagram accounts!

This fashion show was at 9am, and it featured great views and amazing morning sun light! They had a beautiful layout of silver globes on the runway. I had a chance to capture many pictures and videos from this fashion show! I love the simplicity and flowyness off the looks! The color story used and accessories were an amazing addition to all of the looks!

My favorite looks that I can see myself in I would say is the orange two piece set, black long flowy dress and the short sequin dress. I love these looks because they are comfortable, simple, however bold. I also have a weakness for bags and the hand woven bags from this show are to die for! They were designed in ways I have never seen before!

To this fashion show I wore a bold/ edgy look!

I wore leather pants, leopard leotard, a blazer, triangle bag and white uptown’s!

Leather pants: L train Vintage

Leopard leotard & red bag: Forever 21

Blazer: Boohoo USA

White uptown’s: Foot locker

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